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What is photogrammetry?

In this process the points on the object which are to be measured are highlighted with reflecting target markers and photographed from different angles. It is not necessary to have stable or known camera positions for this. Images can be taken by hand from a lift or a crane. All data will be "frozen" immediately in the photographs. The software then provides all the 3D coordinates as well as the standard deviations obtained for the points of interest. Fast, accurate, and extremely reliable.

High accuracy measurements in unstable environments

Our photogrammetric "INCA3" cameras are providing laboratory quality and accuracy without requiring laboratory conditions. These easily manipulated cameras demonstrate their true value especially well where the conditions for taking measurements present problems - limited space, extreme temperatures, vibrations, an unstable environment. Users can unobtrusively shoot field measurements with minimal downtime to others working concurrently on an assembly such as a large aircraft. Image assessment and data analysis can be provided on the spot within minutes. The single camera system (V-STARS/S) can achieve a degree of accuracy of 1 : 250,000.

Real-time measurements with a probe

Results are even faster if digital camers are used simultaneously (V-STARS/M). In this way any free form surfaces or geometric elements can be dealt with using a hand-held, wireless probe. With the help of a direct CAD attachment comparisons can be made in seconds.


 more details about "Photogrammetry"

INCA3 camera
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principle of photo- grammetry
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Freehand measurement
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Every- where ... every size
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Deforma- tion analysis
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